Fine Art, Painting, Sculpture, Installations and Collectables in Kent, Sussex and the South East of England from Pure Arts Group.

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Buying Art

Buying original art work can make your world a better place. Art work can enhance your home and work environment. Buying original art work helps support an artists career.

Knowing what or where to buy when you initially start buying and/or collecting original art, particularly if your budget is limited, can be daunting. The criteria by which you choose an artwork, especially if it is your first, may well be far less defined than for any other purchase you have ever made -  it is more likely to be completely driven by emotion. You love it ;You want it; You have to have it. With a huge array of all types and styles of art now available in the marketplace and opportunities to view and buy art ever increasing, the experience is becoming much easier, less daunting and accessible to all.

PURE ARTS GROUP make art accessible to all. We offer buyers the opportunity to buy online, at our annual ART FAIR, or at one of our many events and exhibitions, held throughout the year in unusual and interesting spaces.
Below is a brief check list to get you prepared and started :


Preparation is key to everything, and shopping for original art is no exception. Take some time to think about your requirements. If you intend to display the art work you buy, have an idea of the spaces you have available. Make sure you are familiar with colours, the degree of daylight and general surroundings of where art work could be placed in your home, garden or office.

Clearly identify your budget. If you are intending to buy art as an investment, study the market thoroughly or pay for independent advice.

When you begin looking, make notes. Make a note of Artists whose work you enjoy viewing in public galleries and museums or that you see in magazines. Make a note of the artists you like in commercial galleries and art fairs you visit, including size and price of the work. See if there are any postcards or pictures of the work that you can take away with you for reference. Go online and look at comparison artists and pricing.

Ask Questions
Don’t be afraid to ask questions! When you are considering a piece of work, ask/request information about the artist’s history for example, if their work is included in any major collections or if the artist has won any public art prizes. Ask how the work was made, the measurements of the piece. If the piece that has caught your eye is out of your budget, ask if there are any other smaller pieces or unframed works by the same artist, or in a different medium. Original prints, such as screen prints and etchings, are a great entry-level option, and can also offer the chance to buy work by a big name. When looking to buy sculpture, look at the medium, is it a bronze, clay or a metal piece for instance. Is it Limited Edition or a one off original.

Decision time
Take time to think through your choices. Once you have considered your options, look again with fresh eyes and a clear mind. Sleep on it, but, if you love it, you won’t be able to get it out of your mind. This is then the time to take the next step towards owning your chosen piece of original art work.

After you have purchased
Keep a photograph of the piece, the receipt and if possible the artists CV, safely, for insurance purposes. You could also ask to be kept up to date with future exhibitions and events, by the gallery, venue or artist from whom you purchase.