Fine Art, Painting, Sculpture, Installations and Collectables in Kent, Sussex and the South East of England from Pure Arts Group.

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Presentation and Insurance of Work

PURE ARTS GROUP take every care to ensure artwork placed in their care is handled and stored appropriately and due diligence taken with regard to security in all venues chosen as exhibition venues.

PURE ARTS GROUP strongly recommend all artists insure their own artworks against loss or damage.

Presentation of work:

  • Work must always be presented to us in a professional manner to gallery standard
  • Where framed:
  • No scratches, dents or chips in the frame
  • Corners must be filled and touched up if necessary
  • Where under glass, glass must be clean and scratch free.
  • There must be no visible dirt, hair, smudges or debris underneath the glass
  • Absolutely no clip or pre-made Ikea type frames will be accepted
  • Wall mounted work must be D ring corded or equivalent and be ready to hang.
  • To ensure safe storage, all framed works and unframed canvases are to be delivered to Pure Arts Group in stiffy bags or similar, clearly labelled with artists name, title of work and image of work. Stiffy bags can be ordered via Alternative approved suppliers are: and
  • All unframed work and sculpture must be adequately wrapped with bubble wrap etc.
  • If work requires plinth mounting, we would kindly request artists supply these wherever possible. Similarly, we would appreciate jewellery cases to be supplied by any fine art jeweller, in coordination with PURE arts group.
Pure Arts Group reserve the right to refuse to exhibit artwork if it falls below these minimum standards.